AADSTS50131: Device is not in required device state

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The error "AADSTS50131: Device is not in required device state" is not encountered every day. But when it does occur, many are often at a loss. Not least because this error and its cause is hardly documented or difficult to find. You can find out how to fix the AADSTS50131 error here.

Certificate-based Point to Site Azure VPN through Intune

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As the business world becomes increasingly mobile, cloud services are becoming even more attractive. But what if, as is often the case, there are still dependencies on an enterprise network - on Azure, for example? The solution is obvious: a point-to-site VPN ensures communication for mobile workers. In this how-to post, I discuss how a certificate-based point-to-site VPN to an Azure VPN gateway can be automatically rolled out to mobile clients through Intune. I also discuss how certificates can be automatically issued and renewed by a Certificate Authority in combination with Intune.