One year as a digital nomad

Ein Jahr als digitaler Nomade

Time for a post of a slightly different kind. Travel, adventure, uncertainty and part-time work... This was my life when I decided to try my luck as a digital nomad and leave my home country Switzerland for a year. In this short article, you'll learn what I consider to be the ten most important points to keep in mind as a digital nomad.

Become familiar with the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

get used to the Cloud Adoption Framework by Yannic Graber

The cloud continues to be on the unstoppable growth path and is an omnipresent topic to this day. However, there is no general answer to the question of whether and in what form the cloud is right for companies. This must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. And this is exactly where the difficulty lies, since companies have different levels of knowledge and are at a different point. Microsoft has recognized this and provides extensive help. No matter whether you and your company are still in the very beginning or already very advanced. Become familiar with the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) and use it to make the right decisions and standards.

Part 1: Online trainings Learnings by Yannic - equipment and organisation

In the last few days I have conducted various online trainings and webinars. Due to the current crisis situation (COVID19), various trainings and courses had to take place online and not as planned in the classroom or meeting room. This situation brings with it new challenges. In this article, I would like to record the results of the online trainings I have conducted. Most of the lessons learned refer to online trainings of several days, but also apply to shorter, for example half-day trainings.

Part 3: Online trainings Learnings by Yannic - Continuously during the online training

You made the preparations from Part 1 and started the training as described in Part 2? Great. But now it is important that you can take the momentum from the good preparations and the successful introduction. Pay attention to the following points during the entire online training. Make sure that a certain amount of humour is not out of place during the course.