Become familiar with the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

get used to the Cloud Adoption Framework by Yannic Graber

The cloud continues to be on the unstoppable growth path and is an omnipresent topic to this day. However, there is no general answer to the question of whether and in what form the cloud is right for companies. This must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. And this is exactly where the difficulty lies, since companies have different levels of knowledge and are at a different point. Microsoft has recognized this and provides extensive help. No matter whether you and your company are still in the very beginning or already very advanced. Become familiar with the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) and use it to make the right decisions and standards.

The long awaited arrival of Azure Region Resource Mover

Azure Resource Region Mover

Mit dem an der Ignite 2020 angekündigten Azure Region Resource Mover kannst du wie der Name sagt, Azure Ressourcen in eine andere Region verschieben (offizielle Bekanntgabe). Der Service ist per sofort im Public Preview Modus verfügbar. Als Azure Advisor habe ich den Region Resource Mover bereits im Februar 2020 im Private Preview Modus für euch testen können. Erfahre mehr über meine ersten Erfahrungen und lerne, wie einfach es ist, deine Azure Ressourcen in eine andere Region zu verschieben. Es ist soweit – the arrival of Azure Region Resource Mover.

Azure Subscription Migration of Multi - Resourcegroups

Azure Subscription Migration - Banner

The cloud offers many new possibilities and is available at the push of a button. And this is exactly what holds various dangers. You start your cloud adventure, start the first services and then soon realize that you made a mistake, for example choosing the wrong type of subscription. Usually you have also spread your services over different resource groups. I have therefore often been confronted with the question "How can I migrate the existing Azure Services distributed in multi resource groups to a new Azure Subscription? With this article I try to answer this question as comprehensively as possible.