Backup and restore MFA-configuration

MFA Configuration Backup

Multi-factor authentication is widely used today and should be standard for all companies and individuals. But what if the configured MFA device is lost or broken? Microsoft's Authenticator App offers a practical, simple and secure solution to this problem through cloud backup of the MFA configuration. With it you can easily backup your existing MFA configuration. This article shows how to activate the backup, add another MFA device, load the backup data and remove the lost or broken device. And all of this can be done very easily in a few steps.

Microsoft Azure LRS vs ZRS vs GRS


On the Azure platform, the terms LRS, ZRS and GRS are used in a wide variety of situations. Often, however, their meaning seems to receive too little attention or is disregarded completely. Especially when it comes to availability, security and service level agreements (SLA) as such. For this reason, this blog post deals with the meaning and importance of ... Read more

Integration of Azure MFA in an RDS environment

Azure MFA mit RDS

This blog post explains how to set up Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for your On-Premises Remote Desktop Service (RDS) environment. The blog post is intended to help you understand and shows the most important steps for preparation as a step-by-step guide. Multi-Factor Authentication The concept of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is already widely used and respected today. Such an authentication consists of several components, not ... Read more

Office 365 in Switzerland - Migration of an existing tenant

Office 365 has recently become available from Microsoft's Swiss data centers. Everyone should have noticed this by now. New clients (tenants) with Swiss addresses store the data of core services such as Exchange, SharePoint and teams in the Swiss data centers. But what about existing clients that have already been previously created? Migration to Switzerland 365 Switzerland ... Read more