The long awaited arrival of Azure Region Resource Mover

Azure Resource Region Mover

Mit dem an der Ignite 2020 angekündigten Azure Region Resource Mover kannst du wie der Name sagt, Azure Ressourcen in eine andere Region verschieben (offizielle Bekanntgabe). Der Service ist per sofort im Public Preview Modus verfügbar. Als Azure Advisor habe ich den Region Resource Mover bereits im Februar 2020 im Private Preview Modus für euch testen können. Erfahre mehr über meine ersten Erfahrungen und lerne, wie einfach es ist, deine Azure Ressourcen in eine andere Region zu verschieben. Es ist soweit – the arrival of Azure Region Resource Mover.

Azure Bastion - Secure access to Azure VMs

az bastion secure access vms

The work forms "home office", "remote work" or even "work anywhere" are becoming increasingly important, especially in recent months. This change affects not only users, but also IT staff and system administrators. However, I am often confronted with mistrust and security concerns when dealing with such issues. This is where Azure Bastion comes into play. Bastion not only enables "work anywhere" for system administrators, but also provides increased security and secure access to your Azure VMs without the need for a VPN!

Azure Bastion Planning and Implementation

Plan and Implement Azure Bastion - Banner

Azure Bastion is an Azure service that allows you to access your Azure VMs securely and centrally via the web portal. This allows you to enable your system administrators and system specialists to "work anywhere" without any security concerns. In this article I will not focus on the service itself, but rather on the steps necessary to plan and implement Azure Bastion.

Azure Subscription Migration of Multi - Resourcegroups

Azure Subscription Migration - Banner

The cloud offers many new possibilities and is available at the push of a button. And this is exactly what holds various dangers. You start your cloud adventure, start the first services and then soon realize that you made a mistake, for example choosing the wrong type of subscription. Usually you have also spread your services over different resource groups. I have therefore often been confronted with the question "How can I migrate the existing Azure Services distributed in multi resource groups to a new Azure Subscription? With this article I try to answer this question as comprehensively as possible.

Azure Cost Management for CSP customers

Azure COst Management for CSP Customers

Azure Cost Management has already been available for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) since the end of 2019. This means that a CSP can view the costs incurred for the purchased Microsoft Cloud Services directly in the Azure Portal. The customer, on the other hand, has no access by default. The following is an explanation of how to activate Azure Cost Management as a CSP for a customer, what the requirements are and what restrictions currently exist.

Microsoft Azure LRS vs ZRS vs GRS


On the Azure platform, the terms LRS, ZRS and GRS are used in a wide variety of situations. Often, however, their meaning seems to receive too little attention or is disregarded completely. Especially when it comes to availability, security and service level agreements (SLA) as such. For this reason, this blog post deals with the meaning and importance of ... Read more

Integration of Azure MFA in an RDS environment

Azure MFA mit RDS

This blog post explains how to set up Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for your On-Premises Remote Desktop Service (RDS) environment. The blog post is intended to help you understand and shows the most important steps for preparation as a step-by-step guide. Multi-Factor Authentication The concept of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is already widely used and respected today. Such an authentication consists of several components, not ... Read more